With Dina

Editing Services
Writing Coach
Speaking Engagement

Manuscripts / Books 0-10k

  • Full Editing – $.018/word
  • Proofreading – $.009/word


  • Full Editing – $.025/word
  • Proofreading – $.015/word


  • Contact for customized quote.

Other Literary Work

  • Essay/Blog/Article
  • Children’s Book
  • Book Description Development
  • Media/Press Kit

Complimentary Strategy Session (30 minutes)

The writing coach program starts at $200 per month for one of the following options:

  • 500 Words: Each week, you’ll receive communications addressing your progress and challenges with writing, a proofread and marked-up copy of your 500-word piece, and editorial notes on the piece.
  • Two Hours: With two hours of consultation per week, you’ll receive comprehensive, written feedback on your draft. This option usually does not include edits and is ideal for early drafts and works in progress.

The service time and rates can be tailored to your needs. For $500 per month, you can send up to 1000 words or receive four hours of consultation per week. 

Writing Workshop $125 per session

This 2 hours workshop is designed to help writers produce their manuscript.

Organization Workshop $100 per session

Learn how to get organized and stick with it in this 2 ½ hours workshop.

Event Planning Workshop $100 per session

In this 2 ½ interactive workshop, learn how to effectively plan ANY event.

Project Management Workshop $100 per session

Learn the dynamics of Project Management while learning how to be an effect Project Manager in this 2 ½ hours workshop.

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