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Manuscripts / Books

   0-10k Words

Developmental / Copy Editing – $.018/word

Proofreading – $.009/word


   10k+ Words

Developmental / Copy Editing – $.025/word

Proofreading – $.015/word


   100k+ Words

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            Other Literary Work



Book Description Development

Children’s Book



Media/Press Kit

Promotional Material

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Why hire a writing coach?
Maybe you’re ready to finally write your book and you need help developing your book concept and structure. Or you have no idea where on earth to start and you need an expert to guide you on those very first steps. Maybe you simply need someone to keep you motivated throughout the writing process. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Contact Works by Dina for a complimentary strategy session (30 minutes)

Every writer is unique and may require an approach that match their uniqueness. Our complimentary strategy sessions will determine which approach is best for you.

The writing coach program starts at $200 per month.


Bookkeeping Management

Works by Dina LLC is not an Accounting or Bookkeeping agency. Assessment is designed to determine whether or not the current filing and data management of sales and receipts are conducted correctly. Recommendations of financial systems may be provided based on need. A basic tracking system can be developed and managed by the Works by Dina team, for an additional cost.

Contact Management

Assessment of the business’s current system for collection of contacts is conducted. The goal is to determine if the current system is effective in obtaining sales, clients, and business relationships.

Document Management

Assessment of the business’s current filing system – to include: storing, tracking, managing of records (paper and electronic filing), backup system(s), file migrations, perming audits to ensure accuracy.

Email Management

Assessment of the business’s email management system (i.e. notifications, follow ups, scheduling, etc.) Assessment also extends to personalization strategies and email marketing campaigns to promote products or services. Also, assessment will determine if communication to clients is proficient, professional, and conducted in a timely manner.

Project Management

Assessment of how tasks / projects are managed and completed. Assessment of the timeliness of the completion of each projects. Ensure baseline project documents are produced, maintained, and available to all parties concerned and effectively used. Determine if current system effectively captures appropriate tracking and reporting of a project.

Social Media Management

Assessment of how business content is performing across social media platforms. Determine if current strategy has increased brand awareness and sales. Discover key followers/audiences to determine improvements needed to maximize the business’s reach to their target audience and beyond.

90 minutes Consultation $149 (plus tax)

At the end of the consultation, Works by Dina will recommend systems (many of which are at no cost) that can be used to effectively manage your processes. Works by Dina’s team is available to set up, develop, and train you on these systems and processes, at the rate of $35 per hour.

A La Carte

Standard Operating Procedures Development                      $500

Quarterly Assessment                                                            $75 per category



Anne “Dina” Pierre is an engaging speaker known for her ability to help people become effective in the areas of management, organization, and writing.

Drawing from 18 years of corporate and academic experience, Dina has a unique gift for connecting with her audiences and ensuring they walk away with actionable strategies for positive and effective change.

Using her passion, animated personality, energy, and warmth, Dina has shared her expertise with professionals and groups including churches, entrepreneurial start-ups, women groups, teens, authors, schools, not-for-profit businesses, and more. She has also extended the reach of her message as the author of a workbook, Out of Order: A Practical Guide to Organization.

Dina’s clients consistently rave about the breakthroughs they’ve achieved using her fresh approach to management, organizing, and writing development. Whether she is delivering a keynote, presenting a workshop, or conducting one-on-one consultations, Dina’s engaging style and compelling messages are famous for producing light-bulb-moment understanding and targeted actions that lead to bottom-line impact. When you want results, Anne Dina Pierre is the speaker you need.

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Praises for Dina

A. W. Myrie

Author of the Second Chances series

Anne Pierre has an undeniable super-ability to captivate an audience with the messages she conveys. From teaching how to organize, to improving your skills as a writer; prepare to be wowed by the information you will learn. Furthermore, if she hosts an event, always make an effort to be there. You will be glad you did!

Jazmin Crowe

CEO of J. LaShea Naturals

“Anne Pierre is an engaging and inspiring speaker. Her lesson on project management was informative and interactive. She made the information relatable and practical by sharing anecdotes of her personal experiences. I feel equipped to complete my next project successfully.”

Beau Waddle

Project Team member of Focus Life Church

“The “Out of Order” seminar was very informative and revealing. Anne Pierre has a unique way of connecting with the audience and bringing them all together. She’s an effective communicator and highly skilled at breaking broad terminology down into details specifics. Her ability to bring out the innermost depths of a concept is unmatched!”

Reea Rodney

16 time published author and CEO of Dara Publishing LLC

“The most exceptional and known authors rely on qualified editors to enhance the quality of their manuscripts. Anne Pierre has been my Editor in Chief for my company, Dara Publishing LLC since 2016. Anne has always demonstrated a level of professionalism and enthusiasm whenever I have a project for her to work on, and her turnaround time always amazes me. Her editing services has been very meticulous. If you’re looking for an editor who can help support your vision and enhance your work, look no further; Anne is the person to call.”

Shan Mahogany

3 time published author

“With Dina, you’re not just getting a normal editor, you are getting a proofreader, a technical editor and a home girl who wants to make you look good! But, what I loved most about working with her was the cheerleader side of her. Her hilarious commentary gave me the push I needed to complete my books. She’s easily the best in the business!”